Friday, November 17, 2006


well i've been so obsessed reading all the other blogs out there that i've totally forgotten to update my own!
Mind you nothing exciting has been happening.. just work.. and the boring tediousness that it is!

going to crop tomorrow in Derby, fingers crossed that the car makes it there this time - looking forward to seeing everyone, but i've really got to get my stuff organised, otherwise i'll end up forgetting something again..

think i might go and look for a new scanner this weekend too. ours gave up the ghost a couple of weeks back and with all the cybercrops coming up i shall need one.. got some argos vouchers still, so might see what they've got.

but first i must just go check out a blog... :)

Friday, November 10, 2006

i went and i shopped

ok, so it started yesterday when i went and spent a voucher in Boots on some essentials, and a few treats for xmas stockings...

then it progressed to Evans where i bought some knee high boots (i've wanted some for sooooo long, and it's on my list of things to do before i'm 30!!) they were half price, and funky:)

then today i went off to hobbycrafts/crafts for christmas at the NEC - yep i did spend some money! and i found lots of other things that i'd like too!

I managed some jewellery findings, tiny acrylic stamps (that i'm going to use to make some altered domino pieces), new crackle glossy accents, some double sided tape ( i know, i know, not exciting but a bargain!) some utee;twinkling h20's; and distressing paper from the lovely people at Once Upon A Stamp, some heidi swapp big blossoms and a mini mask and 5 small box canvases!

and the good thing is i've got lots of projects planned! wooohoooo,

plus i also got to catch up with gorgeous suzanne ( with her fancy new hair that does look great!), and mad Ginger Claire (sans wig), and a couple of other scrappers i hadn't met before.

phew, off to have a play!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


but not for long i'm sure.. finished all my stuff at work, so now got to hunt out something else to do until my meeting at 2pm..

been playing about with a LO based on last weeks Pencil Lines sketch for ages.. got a lovelypicture, and some paper to match, but just can't get it to work. I'm not feeling the inspiration for it. maybe i should just do some journalling and get it stuck down. it's a memory after all and i can't make everything outstanding LOL I can always do the picture again if i come up with inspiration.

in other news, the car is running fine now, although i'm not going to think too far ahead.

The dogs are mad.. chloe has been 'talking' quite a lot lately, especially this morning as she was trying to sneak into our bed! and Peg just wants to eat constantly!

we've got a lovely new feather bed from Northern Nights, which was a bargain at the QVC outlet shop. It goes on top of your mattress and is lovely and snuggly, but i suspect not good for those who like a firm mattress:)

been thinking about xmas pressies, Dh and I have agreed to limit our spending to £25 on each other. should make things interesting... and quite fun to try and find things for that amount. But we are going on holiday twice next year, so it'll be worth it.

ooh, the crop was great fun on saturday, i managed to get 2 Lo's done and did some more work on a mini book. the scanner seems to be having a hissy fit so i can't get them scanned in.

oh joy, off to look for some lunch...