Friday, June 24, 2011

better late than never

Well I finally finished the ATDML challenge no 5 last night. It was to do a LO that included lots of journalling. I therefore thought about using some paper that did most of the work for me.

I had a fab time last weekend dedicating time to getting crafty again. It's so nice to feel like i've finally scrapped some pictures, saved some stories, and used up some stash!

going to try and do some more LO's soon, just during the busy weeks it seems easier to get cards done.. they dont take up so much space on the desk!

In other news: Alanna has finally learnt how to pull herself up to standing! hurrah!! except now of course she's obsessed by climing over things and finding stairs! she spent yesterday afternoon climbing in and out of the dog bed!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

ATDML challenge 3

This challenge was entitled 'share the love' - share a project that used stash bought from ATDML.
I only realised afterwards that I was allowed to put a previously completed project up, but I've just completed this layout. I had the stuff out, and a grid already measured, and I was inspired by Karen's layout for challenge number 5.

ATDML challenge 4

This was the midnight challenge - to use the sketch to do a LO or a card. But i've got it done first thing this morning whilst trying to convince Alanna to have a nap - not usually difficult, but this morning she's not settling easily.

Anyway, here's my page.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

ATDML class 7

last upload from me today. It's been a lovely day getting things done. Hopefully this will spur me on to other things. Fingers crossed.

This class was to make some cards based on a Crate Paper design. The originals are beautiful, but as I didn't have the same papers, I raided my stash and happened upon a bag of leftovers from the last ATDML retreat i went on.. Christmas papers:)
So yes, i've started already.. I made 2 christmas cards:)

ATDML Class 3

Class 3 this morning was a beautiful layout from Ann, and whilst i didn't have the same papers, i knew which photo i wanted to use.

ATDML challenge 2

Challenge 2 was to include fabric/material in an item. I've been meaning to do some kind of bunting for Alanna's room. Finally managed it, using fabric flowers and some odd bits and pieces.

ATDML Challenge 1

Well the first challenge over at the ATDML cyber crop last night was to make a LO or card with a tag. As I was falling asleep on the keyboard, I thought I'd wait for this morning to attempt it, and i've managed to do it in less than an hour. and that included a bit of accidental tidying half way through looking for some stash!

Friday, June 17, 2011

ATDML class 1

Well, it's only taken me 2 and a bit hours, but i've finally finished my first LO. I'm not exactly blown away by my end result, but it's done, i've used up some old papers and i've warmed up for the rest of the weekend:)

Now, the light is awful, so it's not  a good picture. but you'll get the idea!

*cough, cough*

hello blog world.. well there was another lapse in my blogging. i have the best of intentions, and whoops, there goes another few months!

but here I am back again, rejuvenating the old blog, with a little update from us:

Alanna turned 1 a couple of weeks ago.. seriously.

how fast did that year go?  

We had a little party for her with all the mummy friends i've made. it's been difficult to catch up with everyone lately because most of us have gone back to work, all doing various hours, and so the nice little routine we got ourselves into has disappeared, and we're having to make more of an effort to meet up and catch up.

Anyway., it was an exhausting, but fun day. Alanna was thoroughly spoilt and i even managed to make a cake:) 

My mum and sister were able to make the long journey up to see us, and they did a fabulous job of making the party-goers welcome and making sure they all had something to eat and drink, and thank goodness Wendy was on hand to take some pictures, as I didn't go near a camera most of the day!

The other reason I've dusted off the old blog, is that this weekend there is a cyber crop being hosted by A Trip Down Memory Lane, and i'm aiming to get some more baby pics scrapped and into Alanna's album. I've not had the mojo or the time to sit and just scrap, so i'm hoping that this will be the push I need to get something done.

So, fingers crossed I will be uploading some projects over the weekend.