Monday, October 30, 2006


well, i've finally managed to get around to ordering some Soap Nuts to try in the washing machine. looking forward to seeing what they are like, and using something natural in the wash, and then being able to put the used shell in the compost. .
If you're wanting to take a look at more eco-friendly living, i've got some wesbites on my links which are a good starting point, and i've just placed my first order here . they;ve got some lovely looking things in, some ideas for gifts, anda good range of things if you're trying to go for a greener alternative.
not affiliated with them etc etc.. just been recommended to me, so thought i'd pass it on!

Friday, October 27, 2006

wow - quick delivery

my MM scrapbook shimmer kit and stickers arrived today! i only got notified on wednesday morning!!!
I have the Boho shimmer kit, which is lovely, pinks, aqua, brown, plum etc. and lot of different small shapes to use in the stickers. so going to look forward to playing with them tomorrow!

it's our stoke crop tomorrow, and we're going to be a small group as people are sick and on holiday. it does make me sad sometimes that we're only a small group. but on the other hand, they are a lovely bunch of girls, and we have a lovely, friendly, time, with lots of giggles, that i can hardly complain, and i always enjoy myself! i love being able to spend a whole day in a room with other women and try to scrap. having that time away from everything else is fab. that's why i was so upset about missing the HH crop last week when the car broke down.
i get to be myself at crops, not wife, colleague, daughter etc. just me.

cor, that's a bit deep isn't it? eek, best go, QI's on in a minute...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

need a giggle?

then take a look at Stuff On My Cat , a friend showed me this site today, and it is the best!

happy dance

the car is fixed!!!

allegedly! a new fuel filter and valve, i'm not going to hope too much.. but it's back and running and i'll be able to get to crop on saturday (fingers crossed!)
Thanks Suzanne for the offer of a lift btw.. Dh is going to give it a good run out at the weekend and see what happens.. i'm not allowed to go as i get too stressed:)

had another play with soldering this evening.. i need some smaller bits of glass, but i'm getting better with the iron etc. found it v fiddly putting jump rings on, but it's fixed (for now!)
so hopefully will be able to make a few things for pressies for xmas. just need to get some pin backs and chains now.

friday tomorrow... hurrah!!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

i won, i won!

a MM shimmer kit here very excited as it's all new, and i hardly ever buy myself something like that, that is totally new.. woohoo.. just imagine what i can play with:)

loving the MM blog at the moment. the MM idol is great, those women are doing great work, and i love the non scrapbook page things they are coming up with. Must scraplift some xmas card ideas from there!

in other news.. the car is still knackered. really hoping it's not going to cost a huge amount, and that it can be fixed this week....i have the Stoke crop this weekend, and it would be a pain if we didn't have the car.. *fingers crossed*

finally got the copper tape i ordered well over a week ago. so, i had fun playing with my soldering iron. think i need wider tape for doing the microscope slide things i was planning on, but it worked, and i've practised. but i could do with a wider tip for my iron.
So now i've got to find some images to use.. hurrah!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm it!

Cath tagged me, so here goes:
5 weird things about me or my pets

1. i have a phobia of baked beans.. *bleearrrch*
2. i often end up sleeping with one eye open
3. Chloe dog loves all kinds of fruit.. yep even grapefruit.
4. Peg Peg uses her tail as an eye shade - she curls it round to cover her eyes from the sun, or from the light in the morning.
5. i love squeezing spots (i know, it's really disgusting!)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

what a fun day....


all ready and prepared to go to the HH crop in Derby, got 2/3 of the way there and the car started bunny hopping again, like it did 2 weeks ago. so after a couple of stops, had to come to the conclusion that the garage didn't manage to fix it and there is still lots of air getting into the fuel line. *sigh* so we had to call the AA, and get them to tow us home again.
So, we spent 2 and a half hours in the car and didn't get anywhere, and i missed a day with my friends that i was really looking forward to. :(

Ho hum, well at least i suppose i didn't spend any money.. i came home and blitzed the house. even cleaned the fridge and defrosted the freezer.. that's how mad i was!

at least i had a nice tea, watched Strictly Come Dancing, Robin Hood, and have played about with a few embellies on the Maya road chipboard book i've had on the go for weeks!

small tip

when coming out to give someone a tow home, after they've broken down, and had their day effectively ruined.. do not tell them to "cheer up love" ... it won't win you any points.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

what's happening?

blogs i love closing down all over the place, me not eating chocolate, and then buying a soldering iron.. i mean.. the whole worlds gone crazy:)

can't wait to finally get the copper tape i've ordered so that i can have a go at soldering and making some funky decorations and jewellery. i'm thinking of some xmas deccies using family photos. I love all the victorian style pictures being used in a lot of the altered art, but i'm thinking i have some oldish photos, so what better than making something with a picture of someone i actually know..

anyway, i'm gonna have a play and see what happens.

I've also recently got my bottlecaps out again and have been playing with utee and stuff. no plans, just playing:)

found out that a work colleague is into card making and all things crafty..and even better, she likes buying stash! both planning on going to the NEC in november for some much needed retail therapy!

i have no idea what i'm going to take to the crop on saturday.. haven't been inspired by my photos recently. feel the need to play with some and enlarge them. but never seem to have the time. must have a flick through them and see what takes my fancy.

okey dokey, DH is away tonight, so i'm gonna go starfish on the bed whilst i can!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


how did that happen? so many days without blogging.. guess i got out of the habit.. or else my life is so boring i can't even ramble on here!

i'm finally over the bug that i had.. DH has had it slightly for a while now. Haven't done any scrapping, but i have played about with Tim holtz embossing powders and some new paperartsy xmas stamps. nothing earth shattering, but fun playing.

Oh and i can finally reveal that I won a pair of flights to the USA with United Airlines:)didn't want to say too much before i had theofficial letter!

after about 16 phone calls to a call centre in India we managed to book a flight. we were going to go to NY, but couldn't make the flights available work with our leave .. so, we're now going to Chicago for 5 nights! woohoo.. so i'll have 2 foreign holidays next year. Ok, so we can't afford it really, but, i'm not going to let free tickets go to waste!

So, for my birthday we're off to orlando (where i aim to eat and shop a lot!)and then for DH's birthday we're off to chicago. ( where i also aim to eat lot, but also sightsee!)

we tried to get it so that we could have met up with friends/family but the choices were limited.

So needless to say, i'm very excited about that, but just sad that other things are taking the edge of the fun.

As for me, well looks like my bad day was just that.. hurrah! so i've learnt to keep talking, and keep hoping that tomorrow will be a better day:)

oh and the car died at the weekend, BUT hopefully it is just a tiny part that won't be too much trouble to fix. hurrah number 2!

3rd hurrah for the day, i managed a day at work with no chocolate or biscuits... a mini triumph!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

one of those days

ever had one of those days that appears normal to begin with and then turns out to be hellish and exhausting?
mm, that was my day today. perhaps it's that time of the month, but i just couldn't seem to keep my emotions in check today. i had a run in with someone first thing, and it then snowballed from there.. yippee.. the day was a total washout..

so, i'm off to vegetate in front of the tv - surely i can't get myself into any trouble there?