Sunday, September 24, 2006


well i'm still alive.. just.. this bug is awful:(

i did get out of the house yesterday to the crop.. sorry to all those who came.. i wasn't really in a good state.. but it was lovely to see everyone and i did get a page nearly done.

off back to bed in a minute, but thought i'd better see some of the day!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

fresher's flu

well, that's it.. the students are back.. and we're all coming down with something!!

they've only been back 2 days.. and already we're feeling woolly and cold, achy and sore... typical!

Some of the darlings you just wanted to give them a hug and tell them it would be alright, others you wanted to slap for being so dense, and others, well, i have severe doubts about whether they will be able to cope living away from home i'm sure they will.. but for the first week or two there will be no proper food:)

can't believe 11 years ago that was me.. blimey i feel so old!

More enrolment to look forward to tomorrow, woohoo!

on a different note, just watched a program by Stephen Fry about Bipolar.. really interesting. at the end of last year my dr referred me to the community mental health team (god that sounds scary!) as she thought i might have 'mild bipolar'.
haven't mentioned it to anyone as it's not exactly got a great reputation! Turns out that although they can't guarantee it, they pretty much think i don't have it.. but there are so many variations of depression, bipolar, and extremes of both, it's so confusing, scary and difficult to tell anything!

I find it so difficult to explain my depression, so just hearing other people talk about their experiences is really interesting, and it really needs talking about more, so people can get help if they need it, and that the myths surrounding the illness can be removed.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

time flies and so will I!

blimey, a week gone by, and no blogging! it's just been one of those mad weeks at work, preparing for all the yummy new freshers to enrol on Monday. it's going to be hectic next week, but will be nice to welcome a whole load of new students in!

i've had some lovely news.. but i am going to wait for proper confirmation before celebrating too much.. don't worry, i'm not going to be bringing any offspring into the world just yet.. but its fun news for me!

tomorrow i have a wedding to go to. so an early start for us. looking forward to it, but lots of driving for DH. feels very odd with the dogs in kennels tonight.. very empty.. i don't like it!

okily dokily, need some sleep before i get dragged out of bed at some unearthly hour!

Friday, September 08, 2006

i can see clearly now...

the new windows are in:)
well, nearly all of them.. final stuff being done on monday.. it's so lovely. it's so quiet with double glazing, and i'm looking forward to it being warmer too. amazing how much they got done today, and what a difference it makes to the house.. yippee!!!

in other news, Dh and i have booked flights to florida for my birthday next year.. looking forward to chilling out, visiting the parks, eating yummy food, and shopping! i'm going to take just a couple of outfits and then just buy a load! just got to decide on where to stay now. can't afford the Crowne Plaza where we stayed for honeymoon, but looks like we could afford a villa. with a pool.. :)

got a few new photos printed, so have got a couple of scrapping projects planned, might make a start on those this weekend,

ok, off to luxuriate under the duvet and admire my new windows:)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

sunday evening again...

Well, there we go another weekend, gone, sunday evening already, looking forward to another fun week at work:(

it;s Dh's and my 2nd anniversary tomorrow.. doesn't time fly! i suspect we won't do much.. but i might suggest going to the cinema.. don't really fancy a meal out or anyhting.

good news on the window front.. they will be here on friday.. hurrah! will believe it when i see it though.. can't wait for it all to be in and finished. then i can finally get the carpet fitted as well. yay!

hada lovely crop on saturday in Derby.. didn't get much done, but i worked on a couple of things and had a good time chatting to everyone, drinking coffee and eating cupcakes!

off to check ebay, see how my stash fund is doing!