Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Go Go Go Joseph.....

hooray! after 2 hours of trying we've finally booked tickets to go see the new production of 'Joseph' in the west end.
I dont even want to think about how much it's going to cost us, top price seats, london hotel for the night, dogs in kennels (arrghh 4 nights they are going to have to be because of the drop off and collection limited times!) .
my only bargain was the coach travel down there... £24 return for both of us.. hurrah!
BUT seeing as the tv show ' Any Dream Will Do' was one of the few things to make me laugh and smile over the last couple of weeks I'm really looking forward to it!

Off to look at local theatre and see what's on now:)

Friday, June 08, 2007

I don't like 30!!

Well, i have been absent from blogger for bloody ages.. i can never think of anything to write about when i'm here, but away from the computer i can think of loads!!
But, seeing as i'm deathly bored at work ( and it's meant to be busy) i thought i would try to get back into writing something.. anything!

So, in March we went to Florida, lovely time. It was my birthday and we went to Discovery Cove and swam with Dolphins.. it was lovely.. i ate too much, shopped too much, but saw some sun and it was lovely to get away.

Work is still poo with a capital 'P':) and thats enough about that!!

Went to Chicago in May for Richard's birthday. Great place! we didn't do too many touristy things, just lots of walking, drinking coffee, and taking in all the lovely architecture and local neighbourhoods. Would definately go back.

the only thing that's been a downer has been my health. ever since turning 30 i've had countless colds, throat infections, and a bad tooth.. it's been never ending, and just when i thought i'd got things sorted with my tooth, i've now got another throat infection. *sigh*
SO, i either need shooting, or putting out to pasture like a donkey:)it's getting beyond a joke, and i've had so much time off work, i think they are beginning to think i'm having a laugh.

ho hum..

So, i've now managed to waste a few hours this morning.. lets see how many i can waste this afternoon!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Long time no blog

urgh, well what a month.

first a new National Pay framework and regs at work.. not fun.. i've been downgraded and there's nothing i can do about it.. that's caused a lot of stress and tension between everyone. Hurrah!
Equal pay for equal work i don think...More like " all animals are equal, just some are more equal than others"

but on the good side work for the researcher post has been finalised.. (although payment hasn't) so i'm getting going with that. feels good.

I've started an evening class - beginners patchwork and quilting.. and managed to find a sewing machine from freecycle.. it works fine and i'm kinda enjoying it all.. though i'm not very accurate!
who knows i might get a quilt out of it!

as of today i've lost 7lbs.. hurrah! but i have got some flu type bug so that's a bit pants.. the whole weekend etc has been wasted..

i haven't done any scrapping for ages. but i might get to a crop this weekend, and then Away with the Fairies retreat is the week after that.
Really looking forward to a weekend of scrapping and shopping and meeting up with people.. not to mention the fabby classes!

finally have found somewhere new for the crop i organise. I got so fed up with hiring a room where i work. They were next to useless at communicating and made it all out to be me being picky!
so, here's to the new scout hall, and fingers crossed we can all make it and perhaps even recruit a few more members.

what else? ah yes an old friend got back in touch, which was a shock, but really pleased to hear he's finally happy, and married.

phew, ok, i've got a temperature again, so gonna go find somewhere to cool down.. i hate being ill!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Monday, January 08, 2007

Design Team

Well, I was very lucky this month to be a guest designer for A Trip Down Memory Lane - never done anything like this before, so i was a bit nervous, but i really enjoyed working with the kit. I got quite a few pieces done, some quick and simple, others not. but i really enjoyed doing something different.
If you fancy seeing what the design team came up with, using the new Basic Grey Blush range you can see it here

also really pleased to see Cathy Zielske back up and blogging.. i love her stuff, her book (which made me look at the way in which i scrap) and the way she writes. she just honestly makes me laugh.

well students are back this week, that means the academics should be back too, which means i might be inundated with work:)

Thursday, January 04, 2007


i have so many new books to read it's just gorgeous!!

i got given Big Picture Scrapbooking by DH for xmas.. and it's fabby, i've read it through,now to get on with the challenges and projects!

and the QI book, which is fun and educational too:)

then, with some amazon vouchers we were given, I bought Supply Savvy, which i've only read the first chapter of, and already i'm inspired.. her LO's are great!

then DH has loads of books to read, which i'm waiting to have too. Marley and Me about an owner and his slightly naughty dog; and Playing the Moldovians at Tennis -

i love it when i have so many good things i want to do, but sad that i have limited time in which to do them:(

ok, off to write thank you letters:)