Friday, October 14, 2016

[tap, tap] "is this thing on?"

{blows the dust away}
well apparently this blog still exists! who knew!
and 4 years later i've been reminded of it - perhaps time to start using it again?

my blogging skills are very rusty, but time to try it again, and lets face it no one actually visits  here, so it'll be like talking to myself:) - nothing new there then!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Challenge 6 - Scraplift it!

Well, I've missed most of the cybercropping over at ATDML today as we've been out and about as a family (Playcentre, Costco, and a brief smash and grab at Ikea) but I have managed to get a scraplift challenge done this evening, and for a change, it's not about Alanna:)

I scraplifted it from here: I'm afraid I don't know who's work this is, as I can't find any detail, but I knew I had a photo that fitted that description:)

The light on it isn't the best, but I knew if I didn't take a pic and upload it tonight, it may never get done!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

ATDML class 5

and here's class 5  a layout - i've no idea when the picture was taken.. to be honest it's difficult to remember when Alanna was this old.. It's difficult to think past the constant whirling dervish that she is at 2!!

ATDML class 4

This was a class making a set of 4 little notelets/cards.

as I was trying to use of some scraps etc, I've ended up making 3 little cards, which I have to admit I wasn't holding out much hope of liking at the end of it.
But in fact, they've turned out rather well.

These too have gone in the Charity Sale box:)

ATDML cyber crop

ok, ok, just pretend I've waffled on about how long it's been since i last posted, and how useless I am at blogging, and how I wish I was better at it..

ok, done.

Then we'll get on with my purpose. It's a cybercrop weekend over at A Trip Down Memory Lane, and dh has taken A out shopping, so I've got some time to play. The first couple of classes aren't really for me - just because I've been having a clearout and realised I already have a tonne of Mini books to be filled - oops!

So, I've taken the bunting challenge, and have made a card instead:
I'm going to add this to the steadily growing collection to be sold later this year for Charity.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

She did it

Well, she chose a good day to do it. Our 7th Wedding Anniversary

My little bundle of gorgeousness took her first unaided steps today:) ok so we had to make her stand up and almost forcibly remove our hands from hers, but she balanced and she walked a few teetering steps.

Then of course like proper parents we stood her back up and made her do it again and again. and then again so we could catch it on video.

Who knew I could be so proud of such a basic skill?

The tantrums she's also beginning to have I could do without, but just right now, she is such a pleasure to spend time with.

I was getting quite stressed about it because she's just not that interested in walking, (she was never that interested in crawling and was months behind her contemporary's on that too) and all the other babies are. But now at least I know she can do it. She looked so proud of herself when she did it, and thankfully it looks like i've not messed this stage of her development up either. phew..

So, what do I begin to stress over next? talking, potty training, tantrums or eating with cutlery?

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th

Well, hope the 4th of July was a happy holiday for those who celebrate. I participated (totally coincidentally) by making a blueberry cobbler from the Pioneer Woman's cook book. Lets just say it was very enjoyable and the enormous amount of cream on top may have been a step too far.

haven't done much crafting since the cyber crop. but i've got a few bits planned, and i did treat myself to some more MME papers which i really love.
I'm back crocheting a baby blanket, and have played with crocheting some bracelets after a link someone posted on facebook. dead simple and look sweet. will experiment with some beads too.

Alanna is now walking with her walker that Aunty Wendy bought her for xmas. She still can't sit down, but is obsessed by getting up and over things. Nursery tell me she'd climbed up onto a chair today and was just about to stand up on the chair when she was spotted. I bet she wasn't happy being brought down:) So i bet we'll have a properly walking baby soon. Well, i won't be able to call her a baby anymore. she'll be a proper toddler.. eeek!

got lots of weekends planned visiting friends and family. This week i'm off to a conference, and so dh is looking after Alanna for a couple of days.  (is it wrong for me to hope he's as exhausted as i am after a few days looking after her on my own?!) I'm really looking forward to getting away and also doing something work related. Not to mention visiting Oxford - never been before, i hope I don't get lost around the campuses!

Friday, June 24, 2011

better late than never

Well I finally finished the ATDML challenge no 5 last night. It was to do a LO that included lots of journalling. I therefore thought about using some paper that did most of the work for me.

I had a fab time last weekend dedicating time to getting crafty again. It's so nice to feel like i've finally scrapped some pictures, saved some stories, and used up some stash!

going to try and do some more LO's soon, just during the busy weeks it seems easier to get cards done.. they dont take up so much space on the desk!

In other news: Alanna has finally learnt how to pull herself up to standing! hurrah!! except now of course she's obsessed by climing over things and finding stairs! she spent yesterday afternoon climbing in and out of the dog bed!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

ATDML challenge 3

This challenge was entitled 'share the love' - share a project that used stash bought from ATDML.
I only realised afterwards that I was allowed to put a previously completed project up, but I've just completed this layout. I had the stuff out, and a grid already measured, and I was inspired by Karen's layout for challenge number 5.

ATDML challenge 4

This was the midnight challenge - to use the sketch to do a LO or a card. But i've got it done first thing this morning whilst trying to convince Alanna to have a nap - not usually difficult, but this morning she's not settling easily.

Anyway, here's my page.