Saturday, March 29, 2008


i hate getting the house ready for other people to come and view it. Thank goodness we're part/exing and not having to wait for this to sell before buying another house. That would be far too stressful.

So, this morning i have been cleaning like a demon, throwing cups of hot tea around (accidentally of course!) and trying to be good and eat fruit salad ( i really dont enjoy melon! so why do they put so much of it in the pack??)

I am now rediscovering my love of Twiglets, and trying not to rant too much on online forums:)

also in other boring domestic news - the boiler is having a funny five minutes. hot water is fine, but it wont do the central heating without having more water pumped into the system.. but at least DH showed me how to do that. otherwise i'd be a cold little bunny!

a fab friend sent me some Adirondack metallic dabbers this week - which was a lovely surprise and they are gorgeous. I just wish all my craft stuff wasn't packed away in boxes.. then i could play properly.

ah well. back off to check facebook - i'm currently addicted to Pack Rat , yes yes, i know sad isn't it!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

i love the hairdresser!

My hairdresser is super lovely. She remembers everything i've ever said to her, and never complains if i change my mind about how i now want my hair, or as is usually the case, if i have no idea and just let her do what she wants!
it always looks a lot better than when i went in, and i end up being very relaxed too. i could quite happily fall asleep whilst she;s cutting and drying etc.

so that was my afternoon! ooh that and a Starbuck's Chai latte ;-)

Monday, March 10, 2008


lovely, i've now got a raging cold - who knew the human body could store so much rubbish up your nose! LOL

but i have at least been busy making cards - we had our Stoke crop at the weekend and I seemed to be on a roll - here's some of the ones i made last week.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

ok, ok, i know!

i'm a very bad blogger!

So, i'm going to forget about 2007, as I was generally poorly, and nothing exciting happened after we got back from Chicago!

So, the good news is i'm back scrapping and making cards. I'm on a shopping diet though, so i'm not allowed to buy any more yummy goodies. So, i'm making use of all the stuff i've already bought and not used yet.

I've been looking at so many blogs for inspiration recently too. I'll have to place a link for them. I love Andrea Gourley's cards and Di Hickman's card sketch each week is great too.. think i made about 4 or 5 cards at the last sketch:)

In other news, we're going to be moving soon. We've put a deposit on a new house in Stafford, and because we're doing a part exchange it will be really quick.. so cue lots of panicking and packing! But it's going to be a nice start and hopefully lots more room with space for people to come over and stay.. hurrah!