Thursday, December 28, 2006


ok, well i've finally moved over to the new version of blogger, so if something doesn't work, or look right, that's the reason!!

well it's been a busy time lately, and i've completely forgotten to update the blog! useless i know:)

work is dead.. literally, no students, no lecturers, and no work for me. my colleague and i are getting hacked off with it. it's a waste of time being there. i could literally have not been in the lasy couple of weeks and it wouldn't have made a difference.

that and combined with a new pay framework/scale structure coming out in january, a reorganisation of our faculty, and seemingly new jobs doing the same thing as us it's all a bit up in the air at themoment. tensions were high last week. and more than a few worried people and tears. management communication crap as usual!

christmas was good. just DH and i and the dogs. no stress, no traveling, no binge eating or drinking:)

have been finishing a few scrapping projects, and trying to dedicate some time to another project i need to do for january.
Plans for the crop next year are not going well. I'm not having a good time communicating with the people who book the room. it's all rather silly, and i cannot be doing with the hassle and stress of dealing with childish people. So i guess i've got to find somewhere else to hold it. Don't want to not meet up with the girls each month. we have a nice little group now, and have fun each month, we just need somewhere nice to hold it!!

anyway, off to get a hot drink.. it's freezing here at the moment!

Monday, December 04, 2006

cool beans!

well i've had an exciting couple of weeks!
new project at work is coming together - should be all go on the research project soon, with the chance of being involved in another one a few months later.

had a weekend of cyber crops- i got so much done, and used up so much stash it's crazy!
I've won a set of Autumn leaves stamps from here so big thanks to the very lovely Lou... brilliant shop, fantastic service, and really great items that you don't find everywhere.
can't wait for them to arrive and me to have a play with them.

been working on a calendar as a present for Dh's grandparents. it's coming together really quickly. I'm using the sketches and examples from the projects here, and really enjoying working in 8x8

been buying xmas pressies, and wrapping them this weekend. Still don't feel too xmassy, but am enjoying getting things together, and looking forward to a break.

finally got our holiday to orlando sorted. still searching for hotels or b&b's in chicago.

finally got Peg Peg a winter coat. she seems to love it, and could quite happily sleep in it!
Gratiuitous doggie photo:

on the home front i've made some rather yummy (even if i do say so myself!) beetroot relish. it took forever to thicken, but it's scrummy with cheese!
Decided not to make christmas cake or pudding this year. it's only Dh and me, and it seems to be a waste if i make a huge cake just so that we can stuff ourselves. Might treat ourselves to a nice small one.But none of that fake icing!

went to see Casino Royale, and oh my, Daniel Craig is fantastic. have to say he wasn't on my radar before, but now.. well he's up there with Hugh Jackman on my list of favorite men:)
The girls at work are finding it quite amusing that i have a picture of him on my desktop - it's normally a cute dog or something!

righto, off to write some crimble cards!