Sunday, June 24, 2012

Challenge 6 - Scraplift it!

Well, I've missed most of the cybercropping over at ATDML today as we've been out and about as a family (Playcentre, Costco, and a brief smash and grab at Ikea) but I have managed to get a scraplift challenge done this evening, and for a change, it's not about Alanna:)

I scraplifted it from here: I'm afraid I don't know who's work this is, as I can't find any detail, but I knew I had a photo that fitted that description:)

The light on it isn't the best, but I knew if I didn't take a pic and upload it tonight, it may never get done!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

ATDML class 5

and here's class 5  a layout - i've no idea when the picture was taken.. to be honest it's difficult to remember when Alanna was this old.. It's difficult to think past the constant whirling dervish that she is at 2!!

ATDML class 4

This was a class making a set of 4 little notelets/cards.

as I was trying to use of some scraps etc, I've ended up making 3 little cards, which I have to admit I wasn't holding out much hope of liking at the end of it.
But in fact, they've turned out rather well.

These too have gone in the Charity Sale box:)

ATDML cyber crop

ok, ok, just pretend I've waffled on about how long it's been since i last posted, and how useless I am at blogging, and how I wish I was better at it..

ok, done.

Then we'll get on with my purpose. It's a cybercrop weekend over at A Trip Down Memory Lane, and dh has taken A out shopping, so I've got some time to play. The first couple of classes aren't really for me - just because I've been having a clearout and realised I already have a tonne of Mini books to be filled - oops!

So, I've taken the bunting challenge, and have made a card instead:
I'm going to add this to the steadily growing collection to be sold later this year for Charity.