Thursday, January 04, 2007


i have so many new books to read it's just gorgeous!!

i got given Big Picture Scrapbooking by DH for xmas.. and it's fabby, i've read it through,now to get on with the challenges and projects!

and the QI book, which is fun and educational too:)

then, with some amazon vouchers we were given, I bought Supply Savvy, which i've only read the first chapter of, and already i'm inspired.. her LO's are great!

then DH has loads of books to read, which i'm waiting to have too. Marley and Me about an owner and his slightly naughty dog; and Playing the Moldovians at Tennis -

i love it when i have so many good things i want to do, but sad that i have limited time in which to do them:(

ok, off to write thank you letters:)

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