Tuesday, July 07, 2009

dear lord

February i last posted on here, don't quite know how that happened!!!

well it's now July, nice summery weather (ie either boiling hot or tipping down with rain!)

got a week off from work, so i'm spending it cleaning carpets, curtains, sofa covers, rearranging rooms, ironing, dusting, etc.

hopefully i'll have finished all that by today or tomorrow at the latest and i can get some crafty stuff done. i've got a huge lot of unfinished things that i;d like to play with including:

baby album for a colleague
holiday album from last May!
2009 album, that i'm a few months behind on!
book of me (which is seriously lacking in recent entries)
a little treasure chest that needs decorating
and some new stamps and ink pads that need playing with.

mojo is slightly better now, so wish i could just manage to get my bum onto a seat and get going.
what i need is an all day crop so i've got no excuse!!

righto, going to post with better intentions of actually blogging more.. i am a slacker it's true!

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