Sunday, August 29, 2010

quick catch up

well, what's been happening here? no scrapbooking over the last couple of weeks, just haven't been able to find the time, but it's on my list of things to do this Bank Holiday weekend. I have managed to get an idea for the next one, and a photo ready, so I just need to decide which sketch i'm going to use.
I have actually bought a couple of card making and scrapping mags lately, which i shouldn't really be doing, what with limited funds now i'm only getting Statutory Maternity Pay. But if it gets me to use up some stash, then maybe it's worth it.. can i persuade DH with that argument.. no idea!

I have however buckled down this afternoon and got 3 anniversary cards made. It's mine and DH's next week, as well as my Mum and Dad's and then some friends the week after. I do really want to get a bit of a stock of cards again, but at the moment, it's as and when.
I've been having to break down tasks into little chunks, and that makes life a little easier with a 13 week old baby:) So, one afternoon i'll get the blank cards and some paper out, then i'll find a sketch i want to use, then i'll start on one bit of it, and then do the embellishment or whatever. So it might take me a couple of days to do each card, but we get there:)

I have also managed to finish the crochet jacket i've been making for Alanna. Thanks god I chose the 6-9 month size, she should at least fit in it! I just need to get a bit of brown velvet ribbon and some buttons for it. Then it will be completely finished, and of course i will take a photo:)

My next sewing task i think will be to start the Bucilla felt christmas house kit i've had for nearly a year. I shall have to be careful with sequins and beads and a baby, but hopefully i can get a little bit done here and there.
Which reminds me, I must have a look for a stocking for her.
I've still got one that Mum made for me when I was little.. it's Trichem on felt, not sequins and applique, but I love that it's so old. Hopefully we'll be able to start some traditions for her this year. I just can't decide what just yet:)

right, enough ramble, DH is settling Alanna for her bedtime, and I must go and check on the roast that's in the oven:)

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