Monday, July 12, 2010

Now we are three

well, at least i've got a good reason for the lack of updates this time.. Our daughter, Alanna Hope was born on 29th May, 2 days early:)

After a bit of a delay, she arrived in a rush, and needed a bit of attention, but she soon perked up and is generally a contented little thing:)

I'm still getting used to the whole idea of being a mum, and we're muddling through, but at least i can put the buggy up and down now:)

hopefully i'll be able to update with our exploits - i think i've just about remembered her birthday now for when everyone asks, and when the drs call her in, i do now recognise the name they're calling (yes i'm that much of a twit!)

I'll now go back to hanging on the telephone for the tax credits people to finally answer!!

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