Wednesday, May 26, 2010

food obsessed - moi?

well ok, just a little bit at the moment. It's quite sad, but i'm hoping it'll all return to normal once baby arrives (which is not looking like any time soon - hopefully i can tempt fate with that i really don't mind!!)

I managed to make a couple of different batches of brownies for DH's birthday, and he took them to work. The ones from The Pioneer Woman cookbook turned out best, and were the best recieved. But then I guess the healthier Date and choc Brownies couldn't really compete (they are best served warm with a little icecream)
I'm loving the cookbook, which I got for my birthday such brilliant recipies and loads of photos to show step by step what to do. It's tricky as sometimes the items are American based, so it's difficult to get an exact match, but googling normally helps with that.

I've also just made a batch of standard Banana Muffins, uses up all those bananas that are going brown at the bottom of the fruit bowl, and I don't mind how much DH scoffs!

Food cravings continue on apace, this time it's olives - now, I've had olives in things like pasta before and I like them, but i've never really wanted to eat them on their own. Until now. So last week I had a mozzarella and tomato salad from Franky and Benny's which had olives and a few other things in - really yummy, and then we stopped in Lidl and I bought a whole jar of chilli and herb marinated green olives, and have been chucking them in salads and sandwiches all week:)

Today i've got a real hankering for new potatoes. Such a nice spring/early summer treat, and I can't wait to get to the shop and buy some:)

In other news, i've been playing with digital stamps for the first time - a few people have told me how good they are, and i've finally relented and bought some here. So along with a few new promarkers that I bought i've been happily colouring in (and seeing as i can't sit at the desk to craft anymore, colouring in on the sofa is fab!)
I've even prepared birthday cards for a few people so that i don't forget in the madness to come! Today I made up some really simple cards from some tags that were in a craft kit I bought a few years ago, so again I might at least have something prepared ready for the next couple of months.

right, enough waffle, off to read a bit of my new book (found the Blossom St series by Debbie Macomber, which is easy to read, fun stories, and knitting based, just what i need at the moment, nothing too taxing, but fun.) and then prepare dinner (yes more food!)

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