Friday, June 17, 2011

*cough, cough*

hello blog world.. well there was another lapse in my blogging. i have the best of intentions, and whoops, there goes another few months!

but here I am back again, rejuvenating the old blog, with a little update from us:

Alanna turned 1 a couple of weeks ago.. seriously.

how fast did that year go?  

We had a little party for her with all the mummy friends i've made. it's been difficult to catch up with everyone lately because most of us have gone back to work, all doing various hours, and so the nice little routine we got ourselves into has disappeared, and we're having to make more of an effort to meet up and catch up.

Anyway., it was an exhausting, but fun day. Alanna was thoroughly spoilt and i even managed to make a cake:) 

My mum and sister were able to make the long journey up to see us, and they did a fabulous job of making the party-goers welcome and making sure they all had something to eat and drink, and thank goodness Wendy was on hand to take some pictures, as I didn't go near a camera most of the day!

The other reason I've dusted off the old blog, is that this weekend there is a cyber crop being hosted by A Trip Down Memory Lane, and i'm aiming to get some more baby pics scrapped and into Alanna's album. I've not had the mojo or the time to sit and just scrap, so i'm hoping that this will be the push I need to get something done.

So, fingers crossed I will be uploading some projects over the weekend.

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