Sunday, June 24, 2012

Challenge 6 - Scraplift it!

Well, I've missed most of the cybercropping over at ATDML today as we've been out and about as a family (Playcentre, Costco, and a brief smash and grab at Ikea) but I have managed to get a scraplift challenge done this evening, and for a change, it's not about Alanna:)

I scraplifted it from here: I'm afraid I don't know who's work this is, as I can't find any detail, but I knew I had a photo that fitted that description:)

The light on it isn't the best, but I knew if I didn't take a pic and upload it tonight, it may never get done!


Helen said...

How exciting - you scraplifted me - my first time!

I like your layout and the journalling rings true - Starbucks can be a little haven of peace. Very cute bit of brown ribbon too :)

Thanks x

sutty said...

Beautiful page and the photo is just delicious....can see why it is your treat time.