Saturday, June 23, 2012

ATDML cyber crop

ok, ok, just pretend I've waffled on about how long it's been since i last posted, and how useless I am at blogging, and how I wish I was better at it..

ok, done.

Then we'll get on with my purpose. It's a cybercrop weekend over at A Trip Down Memory Lane, and dh has taken A out shopping, so I've got some time to play. The first couple of classes aren't really for me - just because I've been having a clearout and realised I already have a tonne of Mini books to be filled - oops!

So, I've taken the bunting challenge, and have made a card instead:
I'm going to add this to the steadily growing collection to be sold later this year for Charity.

1 comment:

Mel @ ATDML said...

Lovely card Kathryn, the colours are perfect for a new baby card.