Friday, September 08, 2006

i can see clearly now...

the new windows are in:)
well, nearly all of them.. final stuff being done on monday.. it's so lovely. it's so quiet with double glazing, and i'm looking forward to it being warmer too. amazing how much they got done today, and what a difference it makes to the house.. yippee!!!

in other news, Dh and i have booked flights to florida for my birthday next year.. looking forward to chilling out, visiting the parks, eating yummy food, and shopping! i'm going to take just a couple of outfits and then just buy a load! just got to decide on where to stay now. can't afford the Crowne Plaza where we stayed for honeymoon, but looks like we could afford a villa. with a pool.. :)

got a few new photos printed, so have got a couple of scrapping projects planned, might make a start on those this weekend,

ok, off to luxuriate under the duvet and admire my new windows:)


Anam said...

love having a holiday to look forward to :) glad you two are so happy :)

Cath said...

Lucky you going to Florida, so jealous!!