Sunday, September 03, 2006

sunday evening again...

Well, there we go another weekend, gone, sunday evening already, looking forward to another fun week at work:(

it;s Dh's and my 2nd anniversary tomorrow.. doesn't time fly! i suspect we won't do much.. but i might suggest going to the cinema.. don't really fancy a meal out or anyhting.

good news on the window front.. they will be here on friday.. hurrah! will believe it when i see it though.. can't wait for it all to be in and finished. then i can finally get the carpet fitted as well. yay!

hada lovely crop on saturday in Derby.. didn't get much done, but i worked on a couple of things and had a good time chatting to everyone, drinking coffee and eating cupcakes!

off to check ebay, see how my stash fund is doing!

1 comment:

Anam said...

happy anniversay!! 2 years!! - mt first crop at derby was the one before your wedding!!