Tuesday, September 19, 2006

fresher's flu

well, that's it.. the students are back.. and we're all coming down with something!!

they've only been back 2 days.. and already we're feeling woolly and cold, achy and sore... typical!

Some of the darlings you just wanted to give them a hug and tell them it would be alright, others you wanted to slap for being so dense, and others, well, i have severe doubts about whether they will be able to cope living away from home i'm sure they will.. but for the first week or two there will be no proper food:)

can't believe 11 years ago that was me.. blimey i feel so old!

More enrolment to look forward to tomorrow, woohoo!

on a different note, just watched a program by Stephen Fry about Bipolar.. really interesting. at the end of last year my dr referred me to the community mental health team (god that sounds scary!) as she thought i might have 'mild bipolar'.
haven't mentioned it to anyone as it's not exactly got a great reputation! Turns out that although they can't guarantee it, they pretty much think i don't have it.. but there are so many variations of depression, bipolar, and extremes of both, it's so confusing, scary and difficult to tell anything!

I find it so difficult to explain my depression, so just hearing other people talk about their experiences is really interesting, and it really needs talking about more, so people can get help if they need it, and that the myths surrounding the illness can be removed.


Suzanne said...

oh heck meant to watch that programme too Kathryn! I bet I was on the pc (no change there then).

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday :)

Anam said...

*hugs* ian has bi polar and i've got it mild with PND aswell. ask any questions,,, bi polar can go from mani to mild and back in a second. most creative people have a form of bi polar becuase of the ebbs and flows of artwork. *hugs* it is not a bad thing