Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th

Well, hope the 4th of July was a happy holiday for those who celebrate. I participated (totally coincidentally) by making a blueberry cobbler from the Pioneer Woman's cook book. Lets just say it was very enjoyable and the enormous amount of cream on top may have been a step too far.

haven't done much crafting since the cyber crop. but i've got a few bits planned, and i did treat myself to some more MME papers which i really love.
I'm back crocheting a baby blanket, and have played with crocheting some bracelets after a link someone posted on facebook. dead simple and look sweet. will experiment with some beads too.

Alanna is now walking with her walker that Aunty Wendy bought her for xmas. She still can't sit down, but is obsessed by getting up and over things. Nursery tell me she'd climbed up onto a chair today and was just about to stand up on the chair when she was spotted. I bet she wasn't happy being brought down:) So i bet we'll have a properly walking baby soon. Well, i won't be able to call her a baby anymore. she'll be a proper toddler.. eeek!

got lots of weekends planned visiting friends and family. This week i'm off to a conference, and so dh is looking after Alanna for a couple of days.  (is it wrong for me to hope he's as exhausted as i am after a few days looking after her on my own?!) I'm really looking forward to getting away and also doing something work related. Not to mention visiting Oxford - never been before, i hope I don't get lost around the campuses!

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