Sunday, September 04, 2011

She did it

Well, she chose a good day to do it. Our 7th Wedding Anniversary

My little bundle of gorgeousness took her first unaided steps today:) ok so we had to make her stand up and almost forcibly remove our hands from hers, but she balanced and she walked a few teetering steps.

Then of course like proper parents we stood her back up and made her do it again and again. and then again so we could catch it on video.

Who knew I could be so proud of such a basic skill?

The tantrums she's also beginning to have I could do without, but just right now, she is such a pleasure to spend time with.

I was getting quite stressed about it because she's just not that interested in walking, (she was never that interested in crawling and was months behind her contemporary's on that too) and all the other babies are. But now at least I know she can do it. She looked so proud of herself when she did it, and thankfully it looks like i've not messed this stage of her development up either. phew..

So, what do I begin to stress over next? talking, potty training, tantrums or eating with cutlery?

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