Tuesday, July 25, 2006

back again

well, why is it that holidays always go really quickly?

we're back to the heat, although it was incredibly hot in France too.. just a shame we missed out on the rain over here.. i love a good thunderstorm.

the veggies i've got growing in the back garden seem to have survived. lost a few lettuces, but the courgettes, swedes, and leeks have all gone bonkers. We dug up my first ever lot of potatoes at the weekend.. lovely!! all they needed was a quick rinse with water, and ready to be cooked.
got a few more pots of those to come so that should keep us going!

been playing with the stash that arrived before we went away. i really did buy a lot..! but some of it is for presents.. honest!

been playing with some more photos again, and have printed some out to scrap. This week's pad's challenge - i've finally come up with something.. took a while to think about, but i know what i'm aiming for now, just got to choose papers and then get playing.

Last day of holidays today.. back to work tomorrow:( and it looks like the weather is going to continue to be hot - that's ok if you're at home, not having to do anything, but at work - urgh!

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