Saturday, July 29, 2006

good day/bad day

good day = a day full of scrapping with likeminded, funny women.

bad day = coming home, eating the most massive portion of chips ( where is my will power?) and then having an argument with DH about closing the fridge door of all things!

but concentrating on the good - did a page and finished off a mini album that i'm going to give as a present to DH's brother who's disappearing off to australia shortly. thought he could use it as a travel planner type thing. he probably won't 'get it' and it'll end up being lost somewhere, but hey.. the thought was there.

made a lovely chocolate cake - bargain cake mix from lidl or Aldi, can't remember which. but very yum:)

have been sorting out the loft ready for next week when FIL comes up to help board and insulate it. so lots of mess (again) but it needs doing, will help energy conservationand it's a good excuse to go through all the crap up there and get rid of a load of it.

so i now have a big pile of things for ebay, freecycle, the charity shop, recycling, and not much for simple binning. the dogs may even benefit as i may give them the old sleeping bags and get rid of some of their blankets. the sleeping bags are a whole lot easier to clean. but we;'ll see.

ok, off to try some of the framboise liquer i brought back from france and haven't opened yet.


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Suzanne said...

Hiya Kathryn, found you!

Thanks for another smashing day today (can vouch for the loveliness of the Aldi cake mix, going to stock up on those as they are ideal for the kids baking over the hols).

Hmm the pile of junk sounds eerily familiar - I have a big pile for the charity shop too.

Going to see if I can play around with my new blog now too, I may be back for advice :D