Monday, July 17, 2006

crazy day

well its the day before we go on hols.. and so of course all hell breaks loose:)

the car, which DH has said has been making funny noises, is taken to the garage, and it needs a new catalytic converter.. unfortunately i don;t really know what one of these does, and if it's vital to the running of the car.. turns out it is, and the garage will have to order one in specially. it'll arrive at 4pm! ok, so the fact that we have to get up v early ( say 4am) we're pushing this!

i try not to panic, but look up train times, car hire things etc.. whilst also trying to get things finished off at work.. i've had nothing to do for days, and then all of a sudden loads of crap lands on my desk.. hurrah! - NOT

so eventually, after, i peel myself away from the sauna of an office, i start to walk home. phone DH, who says he's about to go check on the car.. a few minutes later, he's driving right next to me!
But, wait, not good news, but LUCKY news... the company sent the wrong make of part (duh!) but the nice mechanic stripped it all downand did some fancy welding, so we can still go on hols!

fingers crossed the welding lasts till we get to the airport!!

Stash News: big box of goodies just arrived from the states... mmm, looks like i've turned into a Heidi swapp junkie.. bit late on the uptake, but loving the bargains i got:)
so, might dig out some stuff to take with me to show Mum on hols, but otherwise they'll hav eto wait till i get back. then i've got some major scrapping to get done.
Another 2 challenge layouts from the pad - one based on St Elmos Fire or the Breakfast Club, and another on Wham! - how very retro!
no idea what i'll do for them yet, but hoping to plan them whilst away.

Just given the plants in the garden a good soaking, and moved some of my lettuces inside. I bet most of them will just be baked alive, but I've got some just germinating, so if not, it wont be long until i get some more. courgettes are looking MASSIVE.. not to mention the swedes (first time growing them) must remember to get some winter cabbage in, otherwise i'll have nothing growing in winter.
Fingers crossed i come back to a bumper crop of veg, and not a load of crispy leaves etc:)

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