Sunday, July 30, 2006

DIY SOS - not us!

well, what an unusual day.. picked some apples whilst taking the dogs for a walk.. haven't tried them yet, but hopefully they will be nice cookers and i can pick some blackberries to go with them!
then spent the rest of the day clearing out the loft in preparation for next weekend. oh the crap i kept up there. i've filled countless boxes of rubbish. plenty of stuff for ebay and freecycle and the charity shop will be filled with our stuff as well!

then we went to b&q where i bought some beetroot seeds (on suzanne's authority that they are really easy to grow!) and we bought the chipboard for covering the loft. so between dh and i we actually managed to board the roof of the loft space in an afternoon. now we have to take up the old insulation ( which is absolutely hideous, i cannot describe it!) and put down new stuff and board the floor. it'll be so nice when it's done, but boy did we get sweaty and dirty up there! ( and not in a good way!)

must go scan my layout i did yesterday so the whole world can see:)

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