Tuesday, August 29, 2006


ok, soi'm getting into this whole 'bling' thing with my scrapping.. i blame it totally on suzanne (but then again she is my scrapping scapegoat!!) at the weekend whilst perusing the aisles of the local poundland i found a make-your-own-bling kit.. bargain!!! little diamantes already on sticky strips.. fab:)

my mayaroad paisley mini book needed something, and it turns out that was it! oh and after half a day of painting it.. it looked terrible.. so back to covering it with paper. i have no idea what to put in it, but i'm decorating for art's sake:)

oh and today i realised i have turned into a snobbish scrapper.. i was looking through what will be my last copy of TSBM (letting my sub go) and it took me till the the middle to find a lo i liked. perhaps it was just one of those days, but i'm being really picky! and that's horrible because that it someone's work, someone's family.. *sigh* perhaps like Dh shouted at me yesterday i do have 'an attitude problem'

on other news, the 2nd window man has been round to measure up.. hopefully we will finally have a date of when we can expect them to be round. it's meant to be the end of this week but i'm wondering now.. work is so busy i can't just take a day off at the moment. it took a whole day last week to work out when i could book day!

ok, off to play with some more paper:)

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Anam said...

**hugs** our tatses always evolve. be thankful you like some and nto others becuase then you know what you like. otherwise we'd all produce the same stuff and all the magazines would be bust. i dont think its snobbey at all - just shows you like your stuff, that person likes there.. we all have our own fan clubs :)