Friday, October 27, 2006

wow - quick delivery

my MM scrapbook shimmer kit and stickers arrived today! i only got notified on wednesday morning!!!
I have the Boho shimmer kit, which is lovely, pinks, aqua, brown, plum etc. and lot of different small shapes to use in the stickers. so going to look forward to playing with them tomorrow!

it's our stoke crop tomorrow, and we're going to be a small group as people are sick and on holiday. it does make me sad sometimes that we're only a small group. but on the other hand, they are a lovely bunch of girls, and we have a lovely, friendly, time, with lots of giggles, that i can hardly complain, and i always enjoy myself! i love being able to spend a whole day in a room with other women and try to scrap. having that time away from everything else is fab. that's why i was so upset about missing the HH crop last week when the car broke down.
i get to be myself at crops, not wife, colleague, daughter etc. just me.

cor, that's a bit deep isn't it? eek, best go, QI's on in a minute...


Anonymous said...

cool. miss your crops... they arent the same here.

Anonymous said...

I hate that I couldn't get this time and I have ages to wait until I see you again too :(

Your prize sounds great and you probably got the best colour kit too - lucky girlie you!

Off to check out that cat link I fancy a laugh :D