Tuesday, October 10, 2006


how did that happen? so many days without blogging.. guess i got out of the habit.. or else my life is so boring i can't even ramble on here!

i'm finally over the bug that i had.. DH has had it slightly for a while now. Haven't done any scrapping, but i have played about with Tim holtz embossing powders and some new paperartsy xmas stamps. nothing earth shattering, but fun playing.

Oh and i can finally reveal that I won a pair of flights to the USA with United Airlines:)didn't want to say too much before i had theofficial letter!

after about 16 phone calls to a call centre in India we managed to book a flight. we were going to go to NY, but couldn't make the flights available work with our leave .. so, we're now going to Chicago for 5 nights! woohoo.. so i'll have 2 foreign holidays next year. Ok, so we can't afford it really, but, i'm not going to let free tickets go to waste!

So, for my birthday we're off to orlando (where i aim to eat and shop a lot!)and then for DH's birthday we're off to chicago. ( where i also aim to eat lot, but also sightsee!)

we tried to get it so that we could have met up with friends/family but the choices were limited.

So needless to say, i'm very excited about that, but just sad that other things are taking the edge of the fun.

As for me, well looks like my bad day was just that.. hurrah! so i've learnt to keep talking, and keep hoping that tomorrow will be a better day:)

oh and the car died at the weekend, BUT hopefully it is just a tiny part that won't be too much trouble to fix. hurrah number 2!

3rd hurrah for the day, i managed a day at work with no chocolate or biscuits... a mini triumph!!


Cath said...

Lucky you with all your trips!

Anam said...

fab news - so chuffed for you abotu the flights - chicago is on my list of places to go so have fun :)

Suzanne said...

Glad you're better, that your crappy day was just, well, a blip, congrats on the free flights (that is so exciting!) and *well done* on going choccie less for a day (big achievement that!).

See you Saturday :)