Monday, October 02, 2006

one of those days

ever had one of those days that appears normal to begin with and then turns out to be hellish and exhausting?
mm, that was my day today. perhaps it's that time of the month, but i just couldn't seem to keep my emotions in check today. i had a run in with someone first thing, and it then snowballed from there.. yippee.. the day was a total washout..

so, i'm off to vegetate in front of the tv - surely i can't get myself into any trouble there?


Anam said...


start of the winter haul - ian is the same. hang in there.

Cath said...

Big Hugs sweetie, hope the rest if the week is better.
Coffee and chocolate usually helps!!

Suzanne said...

Oh Kathryn, hope the week is getting better. I had those Monday blues too.