Wednesday, October 18, 2006

what's happening?

blogs i love closing down all over the place, me not eating chocolate, and then buying a soldering iron.. i mean.. the whole worlds gone crazy:)

can't wait to finally get the copper tape i've ordered so that i can have a go at soldering and making some funky decorations and jewellery. i'm thinking of some xmas deccies using family photos. I love all the victorian style pictures being used in a lot of the altered art, but i'm thinking i have some oldish photos, so what better than making something with a picture of someone i actually know..

anyway, i'm gonna have a play and see what happens.

I've also recently got my bottlecaps out again and have been playing with utee and stuff. no plans, just playing:)

found out that a work colleague is into card making and all things crafty..and even better, she likes buying stash! both planning on going to the NEC in november for some much needed retail therapy!

i have no idea what i'm going to take to the crop on saturday.. haven't been inspired by my photos recently. feel the need to play with some and enlarge them. but never seem to have the time. must have a flick through them and see what takes my fancy.

okey dokey, DH is away tonight, so i'm gonna go starfish on the bed whilst i can!

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Anam said...

cool - try B&Q for solder stuff - it cheap and good :)