Sunday, May 16, 2010

Licence to..

My spanking new full driving licence arrived yesterday. whoop whoop!
I finally passed my driving test 2 weeks ago.. yes i am insane - taking a test at 8 months pregnant, but it paid off:)
It all seems a little unreal still as i've only actually been out in the car twice since, one of those was with DH to Shrewsbury. Where we discovered the coils on the shocks had broken! and then a couple of days later to take the knackered car to Kwik Fit to have said coils replaced.

At the moment I still don't have that automatic - "hey i can go drive somewhere" thinking yet. A combination of being enormous, uncomfortable and tired, and DH using the car during the week to get to work means i still don't really feel like a driver. But hopefully once baby arrives and things settle down it will become normal, and very handy.

It's DH's birthday tomorrow, so I a) need to make a card, and b) need to get a couple of supplies in to make brownies and cakes for him to take to work. Then hopefully i can pop and get some grow bags to plant up my french bean plants. Exciting stuff huh? :)

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