Sunday, May 02, 2010

Well well well

it's been flippin' ages since i've been on here and the longer i leave it, the harder it gets to come back to posting on here. So much for last year's good intentions!!

I really wanted to start updating on here at the beginning of the year, to keep track of things that were going on.. you see, something big is coming in this household. I'm pregnant!

i know, big stuff see, so whilst i know i've had stuff to keep me away from blogging i really wish i'd just got on with it, so when my (already) addled brain fails me totally, i'll have somewhere to come back to, to see what actually happened!

So, baby is due in 4 weeks(eeek!) on 31st May, everything is fine at the moment (other than being hot, itchy, uncomfortable and unable to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time!) and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i remember to come and update here a little more regularly than once a year LOL

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Sue said...

Lovely that you are back:D getting very excited!