Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things i'm looking forward to

once this baby arrives... (and yes it is a totally shallow and self indulgent list, possibly involving a lot of food!)

  • fried eggs with runny egg
  • Soft whip ice cream
  • crusty french bread with a huge slab of pate
  • beer (i've no idea why, but right now alcohol free beer is yummy)
  • parmesan cheese with my salad
  • being able to get in and out of the bath easily, and possibly having water actually cover me again!
  • being able to get out of bed without needing a degree in engineering
  • being able to walk further than the end of the road without being out of breath
  • seeing my toes again
  • being able to balance a tray on my lap
  • not being itchy!
so now it's just a waiting game. Another scan today revealed that baby b is just playing games with all the midwives and masquerading as breech, when in fact she's happily head down towards the exit! (must admit if i'm honest the idea of a sooner rather than later resolution to my current situation was fairly appealing. even if the recovery from a c section isn't!)


Muckyfingers said...

I'd forgotten all about the itchiness!!!!!!! xoxoxox

Fee said...

I laughed at your list because I remember feeling exactly the same when I was pregnant. The other thing I really wanted was cheese and chive dip from ASDA and I made DH bring it to the hospital after the delivery. Funny thing was that I couldn't even look at it after he brought it LOL.