Friday, January 02, 2009

2nd Jan= 2nd post

i know. how good huh:)

so exciting things that have happened here - went into town, and spent my Boots voucher and points - all those lovely things at half price, so i've picked up a couple of presents for the present drawer and a treat for me:)

had a lovely Ameretto Latte at one of the coffee shops.. (today's treat)

we got new tyres fitted and the tracking done on the car - fabulously exciting - NOT! (but it makes DH's life easier when driving to work)

ate more leftovers - am I the only one who loves just getting all the meats and cheeses and crackers and stuff out and then making a lunch out of it? not having to worry what to have is great:)

took the xmas deccies down, and moved Bruce the Spruce outside to get used to being a proper tree again ( he's pot grown, so will live on in the garden)

So it's all back to normal now, just a shame there's nothing to hide the dust anymore!

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