Thursday, January 01, 2009

ok, new year, new intentions!

i always seem to forget about this blog, (probably because i know no-one reads it!)
but i figured i would try to be more consistent in using it as a way of recording things and just getting used to communicating stuff.

The prospect of being in 2009 and turning 32 this year is scaring the pants off me.. I'm feeling so far behind everyone else, but i know i've taken a different path through things, dawdled along the way, so it's to be expected LOL

SO, a few things moved forwards last year, and a few more things i know will be changing this year, so i'm aiming to go with the flow, do what i want to do as much as possible and hopefully feel like i'm catching up to where i want to be:)

SO, in this vain, i'm starting to read 'Simple Abundance' again from the top, and i'm going to get involved in the Word for the Year that Ali Edwards does ( see here).
The word that immediately popped into my head was HONESTY - ack i know.. it sounds so flippin mushy and weird. BUT i guess it's what the word means to each person, and to me it means trying to be Honest with myself - not running away from things, Honest with how I feel, Honest with what i do with my life, and Honest in my relationships with other people.

i know saccharine sweet, but i think it needs to be done;-) and i promise it won't mean i'm going to be running around telling everyone exactly what i think of them!

here's looking forward to 2009 - (although January always scares the pants off me - must be that whole going back to school/work thing!!)

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