Sunday, January 11, 2009


that's how fast my weekend has flown by:)
amazing really since we weren't really doing anything!

Yesterday we went to see 'Defiance' at the cinema. good film, if a bit long. still loving Daniel Craig;-)
nearly had a go at 3 young kids who were there on their own to watch it. i'm suprised they were old enough to get in to watch it to be honest, but they were a pain in the neck talking, using their phones, chucking stuff everywhere. obviously bored, so why on earth go watch a film like that?


today we bimbled up to Bridgemere garden centre - they still had a sale on and we picked up a couple of totally random things that we needed, (and some funky ceramic rabbits that we didn't!) and then i was allowed to go around Hobbycraft - haven't been there in a year or so, and it is still expensive for a lot of things, but i managed to pick up some needles to finish off the crochet baby blanket i've finally gotten around to doing! ( nothing like the threat of a baby arriving early to make me get to work!!) and a mini treat, of some American Crafts rub ons that were on sale.

then, as we are totally cheap at the moment, we'd brought a flask of soup and some rolls, so drove out into the middle of the countryside and had a car - picnic!

tonight it'll be the inevitable sunday evening tidy up and ironing -fest:(

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