Sunday, January 04, 2009

interesting start to the year

it's flippin' freezing here, it's been snowing a bit on and off this afternoon, and i'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning - first day back to work! urgh:(

nightmare situations with the trains near us due to a plane that crashed next to the train tracks taking out all the electric cables etc. i'm so hoping it's fixed by tomorrow am - i really don't want to be standing around on a freezing cold platform!

went out this morning to shrewsbury for a little pootle about - went the scenic route, and everything was white - felt very odd, like no light was getting through - everything still really frosty - a day suited to sitting in front of a log fire - shame we haven't got one LOL

now it's back to putting washing on, ironing and getting stuff ready for tomorrow - it;s going to be a shock to the system having to get up and out in time to catch the train!

must remember to start looking for jobs again, update my cv just in case, and stick to the diet:)
( i'm starting baby steps - drinking 8 glasses of water, packing my own lunch, etc etc)

right, washing has just finished - off to make the house look like a chinese laundry again!!

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GlitteryKatie said...

WOO-HOo you're back!!!!