Wednesday, January 28, 2009

tired, tired, tired

urgh, only wednesday and i'm knackered already!

back still playing me up, but there's hope in the form of a special cushion;-) and a new chair at work - hurrah!

still loosing weight gradually, Richard is still beating me on that one

dogs are going through a naughty phase of stealing things from the kitchen worktops - one day it'll be chilli powder and they'll regret it!

had a mammoth session at the allotment on sunday - felt alright at the time, but 2 hours of hard labour ( read shovelling tons of soil and moving full wheelbarrows!) and I have yet to recover

got to see some piccies of the newest addition to the family - little baby Ewan, as expected, very cute, and hopefully i'll get some more pics at the weekend when we go to see them.

we're off on sunday for a week's holidays - we're stopping in with the in-laws and having a family tea on the sunday, and then off up to Centreparcs in longleat for a week - really looking forward to it, and especially the spa;-) hopefully my folks will be able to pop up for a day to visit as well.

been trying to get a few crafty things done, but don't really know what i'm aiming for, so end up just pushing bits of paper around - maybe i can take some small project with me on hols.. that reminds me, i must buy some new yarn to make something for a colleague who is pregnant - she wanted a crocheted bunny or something like it.. not tried that before, so might see what happens!!

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