Saturday, August 19, 2006

ahhh, saturday!

what a nice day today has been.. although it's had it's ups and downs!

crop today, and conferencing are going to get a piece of my mind on monday about the lack of care they have for people booking rooms.. difficult access to toilets and hot water.. but anyway.. i'm calm now and things were sorted, but it's really pissed me off. I'm annoyed, cause if i wasn't an employee, i'd be incredibly unimpressed by their actions.

anyway.. it was good to see the girls. had a lovely chat with suzanne and fran. had a look through everyone's stash and drooled! me and Bev didn't get much done, i don't think the inspiration was there! but we had a raffle, with some prizes generously donated by suzanne. not that Fran fixed it at all for us to both get a prize;-)

came home to a lovely welcome from the pups. they both wanted snuggly cuddles, so i had to oblige:)

watched some tv and have been listening to some cds tonight.. where i got inspiration for this week's speshal dare. I'm really loving the challenges that are about at the moment. I don't seem to have a huge amount of inspiration myself, so these are fab for getting me moving!

ooh, and got my pad cc swop from Sue.. It's a lurvely mini frame, and i've already put a photo in it. will try to upload a pic soon.

well off to print some piccies.. got the parents-in-law visiting tomorrow.... hmmmm

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Anam said...

miss your crops girlie.