Monday, August 21, 2006

birthdays, mirrors, and complaints:)

firstly, BIG happy birthday shout out to Anam (kihaku) a fabby lady who is so generous with her time, wisdom, and talents. love you loads, and miss you even more.

second, i've just decorated the 2 bargain mirrors i picked up at sainsburys.. just boring old square pine framed mirrors, but i've put some heidi swapp tape and some blossoms and ribbons on and they look quite sweet now. will take a pic of them in situ tomorrow when DH decides to get the hammer and nails out and put them up:)

third, i've done something i almost never do.. and thats write a letter of complaint:0
was so fed up with the room i hire for the crop, the bad service etc that i actually wrote a letter and sent it off this afternoon. i'm sure they'll think i'm over-reacting etc etc, but for once i thought i needed to say something. In writing that's a hell of a lot easier than in person. cause i know i'd just get frustrated, and when that happens it all comes out as tears! so i look like a gibbering little female, and not an assertive person!

i've also been a right old grumpy cow today, talk about getting up on the wrong side of the bed.. gees, i think i got out the wrong side of the universe today! i can't believe i lasted all day in the office without walking out!
lets hope tomorrow is a better one:)

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Cath said...

Can't wait to see your mirrors and well done on complaining. Nothing changes if you don't
PS, will get round to your tag later!