Wednesday, August 23, 2006

smelly house, smelly house...

yep, well standard day at work - highlight was the ymmy bacon and egg granary baguette i had for lunch:)

then went to a special event day at the local candle store where they have the Yankee candles.. i'm a sucker for these:) so i bought some yummy smelly things! i now have the scent of ginger cookie in my bedroom! it'll either make me so hungry i'll go eat the contents of the fridge, or it'll curb my appetite for sweet things...

then went out to fatty arbuckles for tea.. really enjoyed it. i lurve ribs.. even DH couldn't find anything to complain about! then it's been raining all evening, so pups haven't wanted to go outside, i severely hope we wont get woken at 4am cause the doggies need to spend a penny!

Dh is sorting out getting broadband changed and saving us some money in the process.. fingers crossed for a smooth transition, and me being able to convert all my logins and accounts over to a new email address!

ooh, think i might post a pic of the pups just so that you can adore them.

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Sue said...

LOL at getting up in the middle of the night for food!!