Wednesday, August 16, 2006


what a fab tv series.. just been watching some episodes, and had to stop, otherwise i'd have been up till midnight!
it's got so many new twists and plots, anything could happen.. it's great!

sooo, tomorrow i'm on the clearing hotline at work.. never done it before, so should be interesting. Hopeflly i'll be able to help out a few students! i remember hving to go through clearing myself, a scary time, i didn;t know what i was doing, and just remember it all happening like a dream.. but somehow, i got through it, got a place at uni, and it was the best decision ever.
I love this uni, it's been really good to me, and the staff are genuinely friendly. I really hope that everyone getting their results tomorrow does well, but, if it doesn't go as planned, all is not lost. get on that phone and talk to people. and then enjoy the ride!

(can you tell i've had a drink? LOL)


Suzanne said...

ooooooh hope it went well and there weren't too many disgruntled peeps!

See you tomorrow xxxxx's

Suzanne said...

I've tagged you Kathryn - see my blog for the questions :)