Wednesday, August 09, 2006


phew... just been out for a meal ( all desire to make something vanished!) and i'm stuffed. it was lovely, and had some yummy salad as well - my token contribution to healthy eating tonight!

then off to the shops to get a few bits and peices.. nothing exciting, but a flake somehow leapt into the basket so i have a treat for later.. or tomorrow when DH is away visiting his brother before matt flies out to australia.
shame i can't go, but we have the dogs to look after, and also the window man to measure up for DG hopefully. i can't wait to have that done.. it'll be so nice in winter, and hopefully reduce the amount of gas etc we use.

saw a poster advertising a calligraphy course in a nearby church hall. only £14 for 4 sessions, so i might see if i can go to that. would like to learn to write things nicely.

*yawn* i think all that food has made me sleepy.. off for a cup of peppermint tea and a snooze!

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Suzanne said...

oooooh meal out, you devil you! Especially with the flake (but I always find them so messy). However you have reminded me I have some chocolate cheesecake in the fridge (no-one else in the house likes it, shame!).

Thanks so much for my pressies yesterday Kathryn. The book is to be treasured :wub: you!