Sunday, August 13, 2006

Busy Little Bee

thats me.. :)

cybercropping on the pad this weekend, and i've loved it. .been doing a bit of household type stuff too, but i've got some serious cropping done.. and you know what.. saturday afternoon seemed to never end.. it was great! normally time goes so fast when having fun, but not this time. great feeling.

so, i've finally:
- used my mini sewing machine on paper.. (boy did that take a while ..especially with the instructions being wrong!!),
- used versamark and chalks (why did i wait so long??),
- used basic grey paper and actually really liked it enough to consider getting more,
- make an atc,
- use jump rings

here's one of the layouts

yep, that's me in orlando on our honeymoon, and yes that is a bum bag - well when in Rome...

I've used up a ton of old stash, completely run out of adhesive (oh dear, you mean i have to go shop?) and won a prize! woohooo, yes i've got a surprise box of stash coming next week. thanks to Marja who donated the prize.

hmm, well i can't seem to post more than one picture at a time, so this will just have to do. off to finish a pad cybercrop swap...

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Suzanne said...

wey hey it was fun wasn't it?! I have the same problem uploading photos too, I think it's a Blogger issue, well I'm trying not to take it too personally!

Oh dear, having to go shopping, such a shame ...