Thursday, August 10, 2006

poorly tummy

well, that'll teach me for eating ice cream:) I've been keeping clear of milk etc for a while now as i thought it might be contributing to my IBS type symptoms - had a bowl of yummy ice cream tonight, and well, lets just say my tummy didn't like it very much:(

been trying to keep a food diary to try and see if there's a link between certain foods etc, and this is definately one of them.. i'll have to go see what the dr has to say i suppose.

but on good news, i had an ok day at work helping out in the recruitment office. lots of envelope stuffing but it kept me busy, and Kathy and i had a laugh reminiscing about cheesy 90's pop bands..

Looks like i will be able to do the beginners calligraphy course. got in contact with the chap who runs it, so should be good. been looking at some of the stuff that people do and its fantastic. my dad does calligraphy, but i've never learnt it properly. so that should be something nice to do over the autumn. and hopefully i'll be able to incorporate it into my scrapping.

okey dokey, off to see if the dogs will let me have some of my bed!


Suzanne said...

Oh no Kathryn, poor tum poor you! I hope you feel better soon. Not nice having to go without ice-cream either :(

Cath said...

Hope your tums feeling better now Kathryn, IBS is no fun