Monday, August 28, 2006

it's a Bank Holiday so it must be raining!

oh and DH must also decide to suddenly start a DIY project!

so we've now got a new floodlight out the front, i've been going crazy with washing, drying etc etc.. so domesticated!

going to make a bread pudding this afternoon and might also go pick some more blackberries from the new stash i found!

Dh made a lovely lasagne yesterday.. it is one thing he knows how to cook, and does it well.. so i leave him to it.. trouble is, it's so HUGE we'll be eating it all week:D

i've also gone crazy getting birthday presents bought, and wrapped, and also heaven forbid, started thinking about xmas pressies.. i know , i know, but if i have a though, then i might as well right it down so that i'll have it ready for when i need it:)

haven't done any scrapping, but i have sorted out a few bits and pieces and will be putting some more things on ebay later on. i love the feeling of clearing things out. if i haven't used it in a year, i might as well sell it on, or give it to someone else who'll use it!

talking of which, we've been a part of the local Freecycle group for a few months now, and have managed to pass on some stuff that we weren't using any more, and pick up a couple of things for us to use. great stuff, and today we ended up with a Dyson! it will need the head replacing soon, but it works at the moment! (anything that gets Dh excited about vacuuming is ok in my book!)
So, highly recommend looking at your local group and see what you can freecycle!

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