Sunday, August 06, 2006


well i'm sat here amidst a whole heap of dust, dirt, power tools and bits of wood.. Dh and FIL are up insulating and boarding the loft.. it's going to be so nice when it's all insulated - lower bills, toasty warm in winter - but also nice to be able to putthings up in the loft without worrying it's going to fall through the ceiling, or get covered in dust and dirt.
I'm telling you, there must have been 50 years worth of industrial town soot and dirt up there. I've got one hell of a cleaning job to do when they finish!

but it's also been good cause we've had to go through all our old stuff and chuck things out.. why on earth i kept half the stuff i did, i've got no idea!
I'm also having to go through all my craft stuff and sell a lot of it. What with all the things that went wrong on the car recently, the holiday and now doing up theloft, things are a bit tight financially.
Well they say it's good to declutter..

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Cath said...

Hope the clean up job doesnt take too long!